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Fitness club

If sport is an inseparable part of your life, if you want to be healthy, to have an unsurpassed shape and feel vigorous exercising in gyms supplied by professional equipments and at the same time enjoy other services provided by our center you can become a desirable member of our fitness club.

The fitness club consists of 3 parts: a gym, Vip sportshall and aerobics hall.

The Gym

fitness 1 (large)

The gym is supplied with necessary heart and power devices of modern Italian Runner and Oemmebi companies. Our specialists' experience of many years and spacious sport-halls will help you to solve the problems both of your weight and health as fitness is necessary not only for being in a good shape but also for keeping healthy, which is more important.

The specialists have proved that sport-exercises slow down the process of ageing, activate the hormones of happiness giving people the feeling of satisfaction.

One of the most important and decisive sides of the health programs of our club is the fitness testing which will allow you to find out precisely the maximum of your power ability for the day. With the help of the fitness testing the optimal regimes of your lessons will be planned and your biological age will be decided. The results of your testing serve as basic for working out individual health programs.

Our trainers are the masters of their work, they like and value their job and are always ready to help you displaying high professional skills and affable approach.

Become an expected member of this sport-family club and be sure all your expectations will be surpassed.

Vip sports hall


fitness 2 (large)Vip sports hall is fitted out with Italian modern sports equipments  of Runner and Oemmebi companies. Vip clients  are provided with personal trainer , who will prepare a training course  specially for you. As well as  after trainings you can attend eastern  bathhouse (hammam) for relaxation.


 Aerobics hall 


fitness 3 (large)

If you like diversity and prefer to do fitness in a good rascally crew, we offer you to attend groups: step-aerobics, dance-aerobics, aqua-aerobics, yoga, Latino dance course, Eastern dance course, docando full contact karate.

Aerobics is a perfect method for training your heart and respiration. It helps you to raise the endurance of your constitution, develops your coordination and incinirate the calories.

Step-aerobics. We would like to invite you to a program class with step-platforma. Step-aerobics is available for people of any age, at any physical type. This program lets you lose as much as a running person does, but in this way you do it under nice music. The result is you lose your excess weight, strenght your muscles and correct your body.

Dance-aerobics. This is a type of aerobics in which elements of classic latino-american dance are used. This program helps you to have plasticity and gracefulness in the movements and have perfect bearing. This program also increase physico-emotional condiction, helps you to lose extra weight and to strength your muscles.

Weight-lifting program. This program helps to strength all the muscles of your body. During this programdumbbells are being used, weighting materials for legs and hands, body and Swiss balls. Some parts of this program contain elements which will help you to adjust your bearing.

Yoga is the harmony of body and soul. This program helps to formulate correct manner, harmonize psychical and emotional condition and improve of health, also elaborate flexibility equilibrium and coordination. Yoga is a perfect way to escape everyday problems, stress, simultaneously to improve your health.

Zumba fitness: This direction of fitness has come forth in 90s, in Columbia, the founder of which is choreograph Alberto Peres. Zumba fitness includes movements  and exercises of latinoamerican dances, which help to lose the weight and improve the shape of body. This trainings  with joyful rythms will raise your mood and give you a positive energy. 

Dancing course with Latin-American choreography. You will recognize different direction of dance. It will help you to feel yourself free and liberated and you can be the star of your favorite club.

Latin American dance course:

  • Brazilian Samba
  • Cuban Cha-cha-cha
  • Spanish Pasadoble
  • American Jive

Social dances:

  • Mexican Salsa
  • Mambo
  • Rock & Roll
  • Argentine tango

Wedding waltz

Aqua-aerobics: This is a course in the pool for all group of muscles. This course takes place not only in shallow, but also in a deep pool.

Advantages of Aqua-aerobics:

  •  Relaxation
  • Teaching of swimming
  • Training of heart
  • Consolidating all the muscles of the body
  • Absence of obligation to backbone
  • Prophylaxis of any type of illness

Invigorative power of water will help you to relieve the stress and negative energy.
The exercises are not so difficult so, they will give you high spirit for all day. This course is for everyone, for children, sportsmen, and even for the pregnant women. These kind of exercises never have contradictory evidences.

"Docando" Full Contact Karate.This kind of sport is derived in USA. The word "Docando" means "do, you can do". The method of teaching includes psychology, physical power, flexibility, mobility, sensuality.
The trainings can be amateurish and professional. There is scale of age and sex.
With the help of "docando" you will get power, mobility, dexterity, flexibility, coordination.
You will fill yourself confidently and impenetrable.