Dear visitors,

We ask you to get acquainted with "Aquatek" sport-health center visit rules. We know that the rules may seem strict, but we want you to feel safe and comfortable in "Aquatek".

1. While visiting "Aquatek" the owner of the card is obliged to show his card and check in
in the reception. If the card isn
’t ready, you have to show a document, confirming your membership (i.e. agreement).

2. In the territory of "Aquatek"it is forbidden to  smoke, there are special places for  smoking, be drunken, use mobile telephone(exception: in silent mode), bring food to the training areas, enter the territory of "Aquatek" with any type of weapon.

3. It is forbidden to jump into the sport swimming pool as well as to occupy swimming-pool and  swimming area during personal trainings.

4. It is forbidden to take table-ware to the training areas from the bar.

5. It is forbidden to take photos in the territory of fitness club, eastern bathhouse and SPA center without permission/coordination of "Aquatek" administration. 

6. In the territory of "Aquatek" you should keep the standard behavior norms. It is forbidden to speak loudly and aggressively, use obscene language, and disturb public rest. Any public activities which are not coordinated with “Aquatek” administration are forbidden. By public activities we mean spreading of pamphlets/booklets, conducting advertizing activities on politic or commercial purposes, etc.

7. For trainings in "Aquatek" you must have special sportswear. You should lay your towel on the training devices during the training.

8. You have to keep hygiene norms. We ask you to take a shower before entering the water zones. 

9. While using eastern bathhouse we ask you to keep safety rules. The use of the eastern bathhouse may be restricted (technical interruptions for prophylactic works). A sanitary hour is declared every day from 16:00 to17:00 at the bathhouse.While using volatile oils in the bathhouse, we ask you to follow the standard safety methods. You shouldn't use oils in the eastern bathhouse (unless they are mixed with water) as they may easily burst into flames.

10.At the water zone of "Aquatek" towels and robes are given .  Before leaving the complex, you should hand in the towels and the robes to the corresponding employee.In case of loss or damage of towels and robes  you will be liable to fine according to the fixed tarrifs.

11. You have to give your overcoat to the cloakroom. You may use locker for your things. You shouldn
’t leave your things in the locker after finishing the training. We recommend you to deposit valuable things in the safe. Don't leave valuable things without control.  "Aquatek" administration does not bear responsibility for the lost things, including things left in the cloakrooms. Deadline for the found things is 30 days. 

12. All the visitors take responsibility for the damage caused to "Aquatek" complex (e.g. material values, damages, etc.).

13. Children under fourteen are not allowed to enter "Aquatek" without parents or adults for their own safety.

14. The last entrance to "Aquatek" center is at 21:30

15. To obtain a subscription card you must pass an obligatory medical examination in aid station  of "Aquatek".

16.To use sport's pool only  with rubber water hats and to enter the water zone of "Aquatek" only with tightly coiled hairs.

17. During the events/arrangements "Aquatek" administration has the right to limit the working hours of "Aquatek"

18. "Aquatek" has the right to make changes/ additions to the above mentioned rules.