Eastern bath

They say that in famous Hammam you can not only bathe but also you can become a part of spiritual and transformation rituals held inside the  wet steam.

sauna (large)

Hammam is especially suitable for those who cannot sustain 100-120 degrees of warmth in ordinary bathrooms and saunas.
It is very useful for the organism. It is an inhalation of respiratory tracks, deep skin cleaning and full relaxation. It seems to  come to  life anew. Honoring the traditions of Hammam, we offer you various types of massage making use of special fito-components method in high quality olive oil. Such massages have an essentially intensive effect on clean, warmed skin, and aromatic oils lead to additional therapeutic results.


Every  day from  16:00 to 17:00 is a sanitary hour at hammam. For the children under 16 years old  enterance  to hammam is prohibited.